How to Stop Using Apple Family Sharing or Remove Family Members


If you manage an Apple Family Sharing group, you can at any time remove any member. Members who have reached a certain age can also opt-out of a Family Sharing group by themselves. A family group can only be terminated by the organizer, and the process depends on the type of members in the group.

Everything you need to know about managing a Family Sharing group and removing members from a group is covered in this tutorial.

How to Stop Using Apple Family Sharing

How to Remove Members from Family Sharing Group

It is quite simple to invite, add, and remove group members as well as change the services/apps/subscriptions that members can use if you are the Family organizer. Depending on your Apple device, the procedures will change.

Remove a Family Member on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

The removal of a Family Sharing group member in iOS or iPadOS is explained here.

  1. Tap your Apple ID name in the Settings app after opening it.
  2. Click on Family Sharing.
Remove a Family Member on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  1. Tap Remove [member name] from Family after selecting the person’s name.
  2. To continue, tap Remove [member name] once more.
Select the member’s name and tap Remove [member name] from Family

On a Mac, delete a family member

Here is how owners of an iMac or MacBook can delete someone from a Family Sharing group:

  1. Select Family Sharing in the top-right corner of System Preferences by opening it.
Open System Preferences and select Family Sharing in the top-right corner
  1. In the sidebar, choose Family Sharing, then click Details next to the person you want to unsubscribe.
Select Family Sharing on the sidebar and select Details next to the member you want to remove
  1. Select the Remove [member name] button.
Select the Remove [member name] button
  1. On the confirmation pop-up, choose Remove [member name] once more.
Select Remove [member name] again on the confirmation pop-up

Select Manage Family under iCloud under System Preferences > iCloud if your Mac is running macOS Mojave or an earlier version. On the following page, click the Remove (—) button after selecting the member in the left sidebar.

The family’s joint credit card purchases are still available to removed family members. However, they will no longer have access to other (live) shared services and information—iCloud storage plans, shared photo albums, a membership to Apple Music, etc.

How to Leave Family Sharing Groups

To discontinue Family Sharing on your Apple devices, follow the procedures listed below.

On the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, disable Apple sharing.

  1. Select Family Sharing from Settings, hit your Apple ID name, and then open.
  2. Tap the Stop Using Family Sharing option after selecting your name.
  3. Choose To continue, and give up using Family Sharing once again.
Choose Stop Using Family Sharing again to proceed

Select Family Sharing in System Preferences on a Mac laptop or desktop. Select Stop Using Family Sharing (or Leave from Family Sharing—on macOS Catalina & older) from the family menu’s Details button next to your name.

Children are the only ones who cannot quit Family Sharing groups at any moment. But only the organizer has the power to eject you if Screen Time is set up for your account in the options for Family Sharing. So, if you can’t find the option to leave a family group on your smartphone, get in touch with the organizer.

How to Disband a Family Sharing Group

The Family Sharing group will be dissolved if the group’s organizer leaves. Therefore, you must leave the group if you want to suspend Family Sharing.

Turn off Family Sharing on your iPhone.

  1. Tap your Apple ID name in Settings.
  2. Toggle Family Sharing on.
  3. Choose your name; a label reading “Organizer” should appear just below it.
  4. When prompted, select Stop Using Family Sharing once more after selecting Stop Using Family Sharing previously.
Tap Stop Using Family Sharing and choose Stop Using Family Sharing again on the confirmation

Disband Family Sharing on Mac

  1. Open System Preferences and select Apple ID.
Open System Preferences and select Apple ID
  1. On the sidebar, choose Family Sharing. Then, click the Details icon next to your name. Under your name, there should be an “Organiser” or “Organizer” label.
Select Family Sharing on the sidebar and select the Details button next to your name. You should see an “Organiser” or “Organizer” label below your name
  1. Select Stop Family Sharing.
Select Stop Family Sharing
  1.  Select Stop Family Sharing again to disband the group.
Select Stop Family Sharing again to disband the group

If a Family Sharing subscription is no longer available to you, either the organizer removed you or you left the group. It’s also conceivable that the subscription for the group has already expired and hasn’t been renewed. Confirmation can be obtained from the group’s organizer.

The Kids’ Situation

Even if you’re the group administrator, you cannot delete a child’s account from an Apple Family Sharing group. Likewise, you cannot disband a group if there are minors under specified age limits in the group. Every location and nation has a different legal minimum age for children.

Children under the age of 14 can only use an Apple ID account for minors in Spain, Austria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Italy. Children under the age of 15 are eligible for kids’ accounts in the Czech Republic, France, and Greece.

Members under 16 are regarded as children if your Family Sharing group is based in Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Croatia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Poland, or Slovakia.

Children under the age of 13 cannot independently open an Apple ID account in any other nations not mentioned above. One will be made for them by their parents or legal representatives.

The Kids’ Situation

Children must first be transferred to another Family Sharing group before a family group can be dissolved. Children are thus permanent members of an Apple Family Sharing group until they reach the local or national upper age limit for children.

Child Transfer to Another Family Sharing Team

Ask the group leader to extend an invitation to the youngster in order to transfer them to another Family Sharing group. When the organizer sends the invitation, you ought to receive a notification. Accept the request for a transfer so the child can join the new family.

Accept the transfer request from your device’s settings menu if you don’t receive a transfer notification.

Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad, tap the notification for a family transfer request, and then on the following page, approve the request.

Open System Preferences on a Mac, click Continue beneath the transfer request notification that appears beneath your name and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Go to System Preferences > iCloud > Manage Family in macOS Mojave or earlier and approve the family transfer request.

Get rid of the kid’s account

The only other option, if you can’t find a new family group for the youngster, is to delete their account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to end Family Sharing or dissolve your family group.

  1. Enter the credentials for your child’s Apple ID account when you go to in a web browser.
  2. On the menu or sidebar, choose Privacy. In the “Your Data” section, choose to Manage your data.
Delete the Child’s Account
  1. Re-login to your Apple account and click the “Remove your account” link under “Request to delete your account.”
Sign in to your Apple account again and select Request to delete your account in the “Delete your account” section
  1. Choose a justification for the account cancellation, click Continue, and then adhere to the prompts.
Select a reason for the account deletion, select Continue, and follow the prompt

Contact Apple Support if You require more help. the removal of a child’s account or the transfer of the youngster to another group.

Change Family Purchase Sharing Settings

If the Purchase Sharing function is turned on, all members of a family group are allowed to make purchases using the organizer’s credit or debit card. Members who choose this option have access to media (books, apps, TV series, etc.) that other family members have purchased.

You can stop transactions from being charged to your credit card without dissolving a group. The best course of action is to adjust the family’s Purchase Sharing options.

Turn off Purchase Sharing on iPad and iPhone

Select your Apple ID name in Settings, then choose Family Sharing and hit Purchase Sharing. If you don’t want your family members to be able to access the content you buy, turn off Share Purchases with Family.

Disable Purchase Sharing on iPhone and iPad

Purchase Sharing isn’t totally turned off by doing that. Members can still use your payment card to make transactions. If you don’t want purchases made by other group members to be charged to your card, turn off purchase sharing for the group. On the pop-up, select Stop Purchase Sharing one more after tapping Stop Purchase Sharing.

On a Mac, disable Purchase Sharing

Open System Preferences, choose Family Sharing, and then on the sidebar, choose Purchase Sharing. If you just want to deny members access to your purchases, uncheck Share My Purchase.

Disable Purchase Sharing on Mac

On the confirmation window, click Stop Purchase Sharing after selecting the Turn Off button in the bottom right corner.

Select the Turn Off button in the bottom-right corner, and select Stop Purchase Sharing on the confirmation prompt

Leaving and rejoining a family sharing group

When you depart from or are removed from a Family Sharing group, you can always rejoin. You can only join so many Family Sharing groups each year, so keep that in mind. Apple states that a single individual (read: Apple ID account) is only permitted to join two families or Family Sharing groups each calendar year. However, joining an existing family or forming a new one counts towards this quota.