How to Use iCloud Photos as a Screensaver on Apple TV


You may already be aware that Apple does not provide a ton of wallpapers or screen savers, regardless of the Apple device you use. In order to obtain stunning screensavers, we must rely on outside sources. The same is true of Apple TV; it doesn’t come with a ton of pre-installed Screen Savers.

Your TV is the same as theirs if your friends or family members also own Apple TVs. To help you make the most of your Apple TV, we have written this article for this reason. We’ll go over how to set your screensaver to images from your iCloud here. All you have to do is follow the tutorial below.

How to Set an Apple TV Screen Saver from iCloud Photos

Step #1. The first thing you must do on your Apple TV is logged into your iCloud account. Go to Settings Accounts iCloud and Sign In to accomplish this.

Step #2. You can enable “iCloud Photo Sharing” and “My Photo Stream” after signing in. You can view the stream on your Apple TV after activating both.

Step #3. We can now set the photo stream as a screensaver because we have it with us now. On your 4th generation Apple TV, go to Settings General Screensaver. You must navigate to Settings Screen Saver Photos on an older Apple TV.

Step #4. Now choose “Type” and then “My Photos” from the Screen Saver menu.

Step #5. Select the Photo Stream or any other shared album you have set up once you are in My Photos.

Step #6. It’s time to set your album or Photo Stream as a screen saver now that you have accessed them. A slideshow or a single image can be used as a screensaver. We’ll go on with only one image for the time being. So simply choose the image and select “Set as Screen Saver.”

Step #7. On the following screen, your Apple TV will request confirmation; just choose “Yes.”

Voila! Now, your Apple TV will use iCloud images as your screensaver. While not difficult, using a Siri remote to navigate is definitely aggravating.